KO Studio

Brandon Rios is proud to support KO Studios, his home for strength training and conditioning.


ko studiosIn the KO Studio World, our mission is to provide our clients with an immediate feeling of positive energy and inspiration through our unique concept, technique, and delivery of the KO personalized experience.

We give you the benefits of private training in all of our programs, with set appointments, program direction, and support from all angles. We offer customized semi-private (3-4 clients) that offer all the challenges and innovations of private one-on-one sessions.


We give you the personal touch with:

  • Set appointments
  • Program direction
  • Continued support
  • Overview of your goals
  • Small semi-private class settings

Adding diversity and exhilarating workouts, we are always challenging you through our empowering coaching team. We give you effective and enjoyable workouts each visit. We bring all of this to you in an affordable and simple package to keep the focus on fun and results.

Visit the KO Studio website for more information.